What do I need to Bring?
Any photos of ideas and designs are always a big help - but if you have no idea, we can help you narrow it down.
If you are remodelling, please bring in all the pieces you would like to use.

Can I look at potential Stones?
Take a look at our personal collection of Sapphires in all shapes, colours & origin. If you don't see anything you like, we are in direct contact with miners around the world and can source the perfect stone for you.

Diamond (Natural & Lab):
Please let us know prior to your appointment of a rough idea on what you are looking for (colour/cut/clarity/size). If you have no idea, we will explain everything to you and help find something suitable for your idea & budget.

Is there Parking nearby?
We are located in amongst the beautiful shops, restaurants and cafes on Given Terrace, Paddington.
There is ample FREE parking on Given Terrace and surrounding streets, or bus stops right near our shop.

Is there a cost if I don't go ahead?
Our appointments are at no obligation and are free of charge, for us it is important that you find the right jeweller you feel comfortable with - it is a lifelong investment after all.


Not in Brisbane?

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